Here’s How The TSA Decides If You Might Be A Terrorist

Here's How The TSA Decides If You Might Be A Terrorist

Here’s How the TSA Decides If You Might Be a Terrorist

A confidential Transportation Security Administration (TSA) document gives officers suspicious things to look out for and score in travelers, according to a new report.

The document lists “signs you might be a terrorist,” which include exaggerated yawning, excessive complaints about the screening process, excessive throat clearing, widely open staring eyes, wearing improper attire for location, whistling as the individual approaches the screening process, gazing down, exaggerated or repetitive grooming gestures, face pale from recent shaving of beard and rubbing or wringing of hands.

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“So, if it’s a 6 a.m. flight and you’re excessively yawning, the TSA may look at you unfavorably and consider you a terrorist,” Clayton Morris said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

“Or, if you dare to complain about having some stranger feeling you up in public, you’re probably a terrorist,” Tucker Carlson remarked. “You know what’s not on the list? Middle Eastern appearance.”

Carlson noted that only a small percentage of people from the Middle East are connected to terrorism, but an overwhelming majority of terror attacks around the world are committed by people from that region. Yet it’s not on the TSA’s “behavioral checklist.”

“You wonder about who’s running [the TSA],” Carlson said.

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