Herschel Walker: SHUT UP ROMNEY! You Are A Loser!

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Herschel Walker defended Donald Trump from the GOP establishment onslaught yesterday on Twitter.

TMZ reported:

Herschel Walker’s got his old boss’ back — ripping Mitt Romney for his anti-Trump speech this morning … essentially calling the guy a loser.


Walker has been an extremely vocal supporter of his ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ boss — previously telling TMZ Sports he believes Trump will “save America.”


Now, with Mitt Romney blasting Trump this morning as a “phoney” who is dangerous for the country — and John McCain also denouncing him — Walker went to bat for Donald with a new statement:


“McCain and Romney lost the playoffs years ago yet they want to talk about someone getting ready for the Super Bowl … Think about that.”


By the way, Walker’s not the only ‘Celeb Apprentice’ star who’s stood by The Donald — Terrell Owens, Gary Busey and Stephen Baldwin are also team Trump.

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