Watch High School Anti-Gun Rally Turn Violent: Students Beat Cop, Steal His Baton, & Smash Police Car

Anti-Gun, but Pro-Violence. Only the liberal MSM would consider this a peaceful protest.

If these teens will do this to an Officer of the law, what would they do to anyone else? Thanks for the shining example of why we’ll never give up our firearms.

Is this exactly what Obama “has been waiting on” to happen?



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Several hundred high school students staged a walk-out protest on Friday.

Students from Stagg, Edison, Chavez, Lincoln and Village Oak high schools walked out of class and in the streets creating traffic problems in the area as most streets were blocked off.

At least five students at the anti-gun protests were arrested.

The angry students were charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest, taking an officer’s baton and vandalizing vehicles, including patrol vehicles, Stockton police said.

The student mob threw rocks and damaged both police and citizen vehicles.

It was a peaceful protest on a Friday afternoon. Read more at TGP.






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