High School Student Asks Defense Secretary About “The History of Pervasive Misogyny In The Military”

Ash Carter

High School Student Asks Defense Secretary About “The History of Pervasive Misogyny In The Military”…

Mini-moonbat’s are so cute when they try and act like they know what they’re talking about.

Via CNS News:

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A female high school student on Monday asked Defense Secretary Ashton Carter about the “history of pervasive misogyny in the military,” including sexual abuse.


Carter told her he’s “aware that we put our people in circumstances unique to military life that can…create opportunities for predators.”


The defense secretary was speaking at Abington High School in Pennsylvania, his alma mater, explaining the changes he wants to make to attract “the best of the best” to the nation’s all-volunteer military.


He used “diversity” as one of the selling points in his speech:


“Finally, knowing how much your generation cares about diversity, drawing talent from a wide range of gender, racial, religious, cultural, economic, educational and all sorts of other backgrounds, we’re going to keep making sure that anyone who’s able and willing to serve their country has the full and equal opportunity to do so, whether you’re a man or woman, gay, lesbian or straight, no matter what walk of life your family comes from. And we’ll make sure you’re treated with dignity and respect.” More

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