High School Tells Student He Can’t Fly American Flag & It Backfires Big Time…

High School Tells Student He Can’t Fly American Flag & It Backfires Big Time

A couple of high school students in Carrollton, Ga., recently responded to what they felt was unfair treatment of a friend by school administrators.


LaChristopher Herbert and Nate Maples reportedly learned that a fellow student was reprimanded for displaying an American flag on his vehicle while parked at the school, a decision they felt was unwarranted. To display their dissatisfaction, both teens returned to Mount Zion High School the following day with flags prominently displayed from their trucks.

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The story mimicked both the cause and effect of a South Carolina rally in May. Locals in that incident responded to York Comprehensive High School’s decision to dismantle and hide an American flag and pole attached to a student’s vehicle.

Herbert said administrators threatened the same remedy in his case.

“When we got here,” he said, “they was all yelling at us to take our flags down or they would be cut down, and stuff like this.”

In Carrollton, both Herbert and Maples expressed incredulity at the notion that displaying an American flag on school property is somehow detrimental.

“We pledge that flag every day in the classrooms,” Maples reasoned. “Why can’t we show our support outside the classrooms?”

The school insisted it reacted to disruptive behavior by students displaying the flag.

Herbert agreed with Maples, however, noting that the school’s decision was “not right” in this instance.

“This is what we live for,” he concluded. “That’s what our soldiers are overseas fighting for us and everything like this.”

Should students be allowed to display the American flag from their own vehicles? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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