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Hillary ➠ A Record Of Scandal, Greed And Failure


Hillary: A Record Of Scandal, Greed And Failure

Via NY Post:

Expected to announce her presidential run Sunday, Hillary Clinton has been attempting to rebrand herself: She’s Hillary 2.0, campaigning out of Brooklyn, a more accessible, relatable candidate who learned the lessons of her bruising, failed 2008 bid: From now on, no equivocating, no entitlement, no dubious financial dealings.

How much has changed?

The Shady Foundation:

Founded in 2001 as The Clinton Foundation and renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation in 2013, this ostensible philanthropic concern has become a liability.

As reported by the International Business Times last week, while serving as secretary of state, Clinton was lobbied by human-rights groups and union leaders to address the Colombian government’s abuse of striking oil workers, some of whom had been threatened at gunpoint by the military. Meanwhile, the oil company in question, Pacific Rubiales, was promising millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary’s State Department wound up publicly hailing Colombia’s commitment to human-rights reform — and that statement allowed the United States to continue funding the Colombian military. More

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