Hillary ➠ Do Not As I Do, But As I Say!

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Hillary: Do Not As I Do, But As I Say….

This past weekend, as Hillary was initially cornered with the controversies surrounding her as a result of the foreign money scandal, she called the questions being raised by media “distractions” and of course, blamed Republicans.

As we noted, that doesn’t go over so well when even liberals like Jonathan Chait are calling the Clintons ‘disorganized and greedy’. Quite the recommendation for someone wishing to lead the nation, don’t you think?

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Today, Time noted that Hillary was moving to make ‘policy attacks’ on Republicans.

Leaving aside that the attacks are a rehash of the same old tired ‘war on women’ theme, any attempt at a policy endeavor that Hillary has tried so far has seemed only to magnify her own issues with the subject raise.

No sooner had she called out unaccountable money in campaigns than her foreign money scandal imploded, for example.

Today, she attacked Republicans, saying:

“We have to have leaders who recognize that the time has come. There are those who offer themselves as leaders who see nothing wrong with denying women equal pay,” Clinton said, “or would defund the country’s leading provider of family planning, and want to let health insurance companies charge women once again just because of our gender” — a reference to Republican efforts to defund Obama care.


“It isn’t leadership,” she said.

Yet, as we reported earlier today, she herself, presumably someone “offering oneself as a leader”, denied woman equal pay, paying women in her Senate office less than the men.

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Madame Secretary, remove the mote out of your own eye, before you point to the speck in your brother’s….

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