Hillary Blocks Reporters From Asking Questions…

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Bubble girl refuses to engage.

It has been almost three months since reporters traveling with Hillary Clinton have been allowed to ask the would-be president a question. According to NBC News, Clinton has not taken a single question from the traveling press corps in 87 days.

Taking questions from a traveling press corps is standard for any presidential candidate, especially once early states get underway and voters head into the critical Super Tuesday contests. But in a campaign that has been plagued by access issues, many of the reporters covering Clinton are frustrated and wondering whether this pattern will continue.

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The Clinton campaign argues that pressers aren’t as important when the candidate is doing regular interviews with local and national print, television and radio outlets.

While those interviews would provide some substance, they would not put the Democratic hopeful in the crosshairs of journalists that cover politics day in and day out and know the issues on the campaign trail.

In addition to pointing to other media interviews, Clinton’s campaign points to questions at town hall meetings, normally populated with carefully vetted supporters.

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