Hillary Busted With Just A Little Locker Room Talk (Audio)

Hillary Busted! Just A Little Locker Room Talk (Audio)

Is Hillary busted? It sounds like Hillary to me with that evil laugh and all!


This supposedly is not Hillary Clinton. Judge for yourselves. It’s supposedly little locker room talk from a Hillary Clinton audio with Billy Bush.


According to the Hillary Clinton audio, she find Paul Ryan’s ass worthy of comment. And because Paul Ryan’s ass is so nice, Hillary Clinton moved on him.

Here is the excerpt from the clip with Billy Bush:

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Paul Ryan has a nice ass! {laughter}

I moved on him like a bitch one time, yeah. He was married, and I failed.

I did, I failed. {laughter}

I tell ya, Billy Bush, I’m automatically attracted to hot men, you know, they just make me, ummm…

So apparently shagging other people in the Clinton family is not just for Bill! More

HT: Allen West Republic

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