Hillary Charged Kid’s Charity $200,000 For Speech

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Hillary Charged Kid’s Charity 200,000 For Speech

This, ladies and gentleman, is what wants to be your President.

Via Daily Caller:

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Hillary Clinton charged a kids’ charity $200,000 to speak — and she pocketed every dime.


Clinton reportedly charged the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach $200,000 for a speech earlier this year, according to new speaking disclosures made available on the Clinton Foundation website.


Clinton spoke at a Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach fundraiser in California on March 3, reportedly speaking to 300 Long Beach “movers and shakers” at an event that was closed to the press. The event was marked by Secret Service security and bomb-sniffing dogs outside before Clinton got there.


The Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach’s programs promote character, education, health, and sports and art involvement for children.


When former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice spoke to the same group in 2009, she reportedly donated the nearly $60,000 they paid her back to the charity. More

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