Hillary Clinton Delivers GIANT ‘F-You’ To America ➠ Sign Of Things To Come?


Hillary Clinton Delivers GIANT ‘F-You’ To America, Sign Of Things To Come?

If anything, Hillary Clinton has proven just how much higher she views herself compared to the ordinary peons of America, and her most recent act was no different. While recently answering questions for a carefully selected audience, she decided to show her true colors — in the form of a giant “f-you.”

The incident took place at an event in Iowa where the presidential hopeful was pretending to interact with the peasants of the nation. During that time, Fox News’ Ed Henry shouted over the mundane and staged nonsense to ask if she would speak with the press – you know, to answer some real questions.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufKR780DTQQ?feature=oembed&w=720&h=449]

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As BizPac Review puts it, she “raised the bar on arrogance — even by Clinton standards.” Putting the pesky pest in his place, Hillary sarcastically stated, “I might. I have to ponder it. I will put it on my list for due consideration,” while bearing a smug grin for the entirety of her remark.

For those unaware, Ms. Clinton hasn’t spoken to the press in the past 28 days, not only proving she doesn’t much appreciate being held accountable, but that she views herself as above those who should be. At this point, one can only wonder how long she plans on “press dodging.”

I would call it a front, but she’s not fooling anyone with regards to what she’s doing. More

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