Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Barred Reporter David Martosko From Covering Events ➠ Video



Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Barred Reporter David Martosko From Covering Events

The Daily Mail’s U.S. Political Editor David Martosko was banned from covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign events in New Hampshire.

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Fox News reported that Martosko’s newspaper was not part of the official group – known as the print pool – that covers the White House on a rotating basis. As a result, he was blocked from covering her events in person.

Martosko said he was not allowed to attend three events, including the Manchester City Democratic Committee’s Flag Day dinner tonight.

“I think the real reason is between dinner time yesterday when they emailed me a confirmation … and midnight when they changed their mind, they looked at our reporting,” Martosko said. “The Daily Mail is a very … thorough reporting organization and we don’t tend to show up and do what we’re told. We dig deep for stories and we find interesting stories that our massive audience wants to read.”

Martosko added there are a lot of stories his newspaper publishes that “the Clinton’s don’t like because they’re not flattering.”

“The Clinton campaign does not get to choose who covers them and that’s really the controversy today,” Martosko stated. “This is the kind of thing we see in other countries that we do not want to emulate.”

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