Hillary Dismisses Questions About Foreign Donor Money As “Distractions”

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Hillary Dismisses Questions About Foreign Donor Money As “Distractions”

Baby: “Help, save me! This crazy lady is shaking me for the change out of my pockets!”

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Via The Blaze:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday sidestepped questions about whether foreign country donations to the Clinton Foundation gave them political benefits when she was secretary of State, and her decision to delete thousands of personal emails from the private server she used while she was in the government.


Instead, she summed up those questions with one word, calling them “distractions.”


Clinton spoke in New Hampshire with a pre-screened group of people, and then spent two minutes with reporters and took just three quick questions. The first was about whether countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation received any special benefit, but Clinton dodged that question altogether. More

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