Hillary Gets Super-Sized Podium For Debate

Hillary Gets Super-Sized Podium For Debate

Hillary will have a ‘custom-made podium, which will accommodate the difference in stature… Who is going to help her step up the box and step down… We see it coming. Gonna be quite a sight to see. Crash!


Before Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton debate each other Monday, Clinton’s podium needed some adjustments.

Trump is a towering 6’2″ and Clinton is only 5’4″. To even the height field, Clinton’s podium now has plywood placed in the middle, according to WABC Radio Host Rita Cosby. The WABC journalist gained exclusive access to the podiums, which not only show Clinton’s is now a bit larger than Trump’s, but that there is also a small box Clinton might stand on. More

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