Hillary Has Only Taken 8 Questions from Media Since Announcing


Hillary Has Only Taken 8 Questions from Media Since Announcing

Hillary Clinton has only taken eight questions from reporters since announcing her candidacy on April 12, putting her on pace to be the least open candidate in the field.

According to McClatchy DC, Clinton’s fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders took ten questions in one day, while Carly Fiorina, who announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination this week, devoted 40 minutes to answering questions in a recent conference call with reporters. Marco Rubio, who announced the day after Clinton, has taken ten total questions thus far, but in them did not shy away from difficult topics, including same-sex marriage, his theory of evolution, and running against his political mentor.

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McClatchy reports:

After each of Hillary Clinton’s campaign events, a large group of reporters gathers on one side of the room and shouts questions at her. She rarely responds, opting instead to ignore them, not even glancing in their direction.


Clinton has largely closed herself off from media questions in the first month of her campaign. Her refusal to take questions stands in stark contrast to virtually all other candidates in both parties, who routinely wade into a pack of reporters after events, often fielding more questions in one event than Clinton has so far in her entire campaign. They also are facing reporters in one-on-one interviews and appearing on TV news programs. More

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