Hillary Laughs During Benghazi Testimony, James Woods NAILS Her To The Wall

Amid the hearing yesterday, 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton let out quite the cackle when questioned by a Congresswoman during the Benghazi hearing. Unfortunately for her, being ripped into immediately after the outburst was the least of her worries, as James Woods has since stepped in – and he nailed her to the wall over it.

For those that missed it, Hillary Clinton was being questioned just after 7 o’clock last night by Representative Martha Roby when things took quite the serious turn. While questioning Hillary about the night in question, Roby eventually asked, “Who else was at your home? Were you alone?”


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The presidential hopeful responded by saying, “I was alone, yes.”

Following the question, Roby went on to inquire, “The whole night?” However, rather than a simple answer, Hillary saw fit to laugh in Roby’s face, releasing quite the boisterous cackle. As one would imagine, Roby put a quick end to the obnoxious and belittling behavior.

Looking up from her notes, she faced Hillary and declared, “I don’t know why that’s funny. Did you have any in-person briefings? I don’t find it funny at all.”

Of course, once again refusing to hold herself accountable for her inappropriate behavior, Hillary looked toward the clock and replied, “I’m sorry, a little note of levity at 7:15. Note it for the record,” before wiping the smug grin fully off her face.


Hillary’s ‘psychotic’ cackle she let loose during serious questioning


That cackle has got Hillary in a bit of trouble, and Conservative favorite James Woods let loose quite the hopeful prediction in one simple sentence:

Boy, wouldn’t that be nice? I think quite a few people were on the same page. As it turns out, Woods wasn’t alone in his sentiments — not by a long shot:

This kind of calloused failure to hold herself accountable grows older by the day, and many Americans are fed up with her nonsense. Just for a moment, imagine such a mentality held by not only America’s president, but the leader of the free world.

You want to talk about tyranny – that’s your literal definition. A person running things the way they see fit with no consequences to their actions, and that’s exactly what Hillary wants as she’s so clearly demonstrated. Need I say more why this woman simply cannot find herself residing in the White House once again?

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