Hillary On Running As A Woman: I Want To Be Judged On Merits, One Of My Merits Is Being A Woman


Hillary On Running As A Woman: I Want To Be Judged On Merits, One Of My Merits Is Being A Woman

Only if Hillary is judge and jury.

Via Des Moines Register

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A question on Americans’ minds when Hillary Clinton ran for president eight years ago was whether a woman could actually be president and commander in chief — and that doubt posed an extra burden, she told The Des Moines Register on Sunday.

“Part of what I tried to do in that campaign was to begin to answer that question,” she said. “Now I feel like the question’s been answered.”

Clinton’s campaign in 2008 downplayed the fact that she’d be the first woman in the White House. But in 2016, she’s making it a major selling point — that she’s running as a female candidate.

“There is an eagerness that I sense coming at me from people in my audiences, in my conversations, to engage with me about that more than I felt in ’08,” Clinton told the Register Sunday, one of two sit-down news interviews that were the first in this presidential bid.

Clinton flew straight to Iowa on Saturday after her 2016 campaign’s official kickoff rally before an audience of 5,000 in New York. On Sunday, she held her first public rally in Iowa, drawing more than 700.

In an interview at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Clinton told the Register she talked in 2008 about her potential to make history “more than perhaps it was noticed.”

“I said in many, many speeches that my mother was born before women could vote, and I hoped that every mother and father can say to their sons and daughters, ‘You can be anything you want to be, including president.’ So, I talked about it,” she said.[…]

Asked what message it would send to young Iowa girls if she becomes the Democratic Party’s nominee, and if she’s elected president, Clinton answered: “I think it would say that this big barrier that has separated men from women with respect to the highest office in our land has the potential for being broken.”

But it’s much broader than the presidency, she said.

“It’s probably more importantly a message about aspiration and ambition and perseverance and acceptance that women and men have what it takes to pursue their own path in life and should be supported in doing so.”

Clinton said just the fact that she’s running “is also very historic.”

“I expect to be judged on my merits,” she said, “and the historic nature of my candidacy is one of the merits that I hope people take into account.” More

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