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Hillary Spent $527K To Fly Herself And Her Staff On Taxpayer-Funded Private Charter Flights!

Hillary Spent 7K To Fly Herself And Her Staff On Taxpayer-Funded Private Charter Flights While In The Senate…


Hillary wasn’t aware of what accounts were being used when she booked her flights with the Gnome Travel Agency, it is in her emails.

Via USA Today

Before her 2006 Senate re-election campaign and 2008 presidential bid, then-senator Hillary Rodham Clinton dramatically increased her use of taxpayer-funded charter flights, becoming the Senate’s biggest spender on reported charter airfare.


In the four years before the 2008 presidential campaign, she spent more than $300,000 on charters while the four other senators running for president — including then-senator Barack Obama — took a grand total of two taxpayer-funded charter flights.


Clinton spent $225,000 traveling on such charters during her eight-year tenure. That covers only her own airfare. The figure rose to $527,000 when the cost of the staff who flew with her is included. Clinton almost always flew with senior adviser Huma Abedin, and spokesman Philippe Reines was also a regular passenger, Senate spending records show.


Clinton’s charter spending blossomed as her 2006 re-election loomed, rising from $85,000 in 2004 to $150,000 in 2006.[…]


Clinton’s travel was part of “her tireless work on behalf of New York,” spokesman Nick Merrill said, and “she constantly crisscrossed the state to meet with the people she represented.”[…]


It wasn’t all New York travel. USA TODAY found 28 of her office flights traveled outside New York at a total cost to taxpayers of $42,000, including trips to Atlanta to speak at a synagogue, Boston to speak about stem cell research, and Charleston, S.C., for the Renaissance Weekend, an annual New Year’s Day conference. More

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