Hillary Wants $350 Billion Dollars From America… Here’s Her INSANE Reason


When I was young, the father of one of my friends would note when a Democrat was voted into office by saying to me, “The Democrats have taken over. Hold on to your wallet!”

True to form, Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democrat nominee for president, has a plan that requires $350 billion from Americans. Essentially, it is a plan to tax the middle- and upper-classes to buy the votes of debt-strapped college students.

Since the federal government gained greater control over student loans, already exorbitant tuition at American institutions of higher learning has skyrocketed even higher, putting young people into a financial hole so deep that they’re not likely to pay off their student loans for decades, if at all.

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Now, the Democrats, through a Hillary Clinton presidency, will offer debt relief, making the students dependent on the government.

The Wall Street Journal said the plan was an “attempt to address a source of anxiety for American families while advancing one of the left’s most sweeping new ideas.”

But according to Breitbart writer John Hayward, liberals are responsible for that source of anxiety and are now offering a solution.

Furthermore, the Journal wrote that Hillary Clinton “views this proposal as a centerpiece of (her) domestic agenda, akin in importance to health care in 2008, and it is her most expensive proposal so far.”

This plan, named the “New College Compact,” is expected to cost $350 billion over the next decade. And where is this money coming from?

Well, as my friend’s father also said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” It will come from taxpayers, supposedly the rich who can afford the additional tax but, as always, from middle-class Americans who never thought they were rich to begin with.

Additionally, states will be forced to spend more on higher education, and colleges will be hit with spending restrictions that would keep them from wasting money on administrative bloat or wasteful overhead not related to education.

So, according to Hayward, Hillary Clinton’s solution addresses a problem the liberals purposely created in their continued long-range goal to make as many Americans dependent on the federal government as possible. And it will all be done using your tax dollars.

It’s time to hold on to your wallet with a powerful death grip.

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