Hillary Willing To Invade Mexico To Stop Flow Of Heroin Into New Hampshire



Hillary doesn’t know the border is secure?


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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton picked up the endorsement of Gov. Maggie Hassan on Friday in the middle of a three-day trip to New Hampshire.


Clinton has seen her support slip as rival Bernie Sanders continues to climb in the polls.


At an event at the University of New Hampshire, Clinton received Hassan’s endorsement and then tackled the issue of college affordability, saying that in exchange for community service, she’s making a pledge.


“We will guarantee you can attend your public college or university debt-free,” Clinton said.


Clinton also called the heroin epidemic in New Hampshire a top-tier issue in her campaign. In addition to the billions of dollars she has already promised for treatment and prevention, Clinton told News 9 she would consider going after the drug at its source, even if that means going into Mexico to do it.


“I think you have to,” she said. “This has to be a comprehensive strategy. And we know that this cheap heroin that is killing so many people is coming across our border.” More

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