Hillary’s Scooby Van Tops 80 MPH So She Can Catch First Class Seats Out Of Boston ➠ Rather Than Flying Coach…

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Hillary’s Scooby Van Tops 80 MPH So She Can Catch First Class Seats Out Of Boston, Rather Than Flying Coach From New Hampshire

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Via Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton ended her whirlwind New Hampshire campaign swing on Tuesday afternoon in another state entirely, taking taxpayers for an 80 miles-per-hour ride all the way to Boston – to catch a flight with first class seats.


Her Secret Service-provided ‘Scooby’ van motored from Concord to Boston Logan International Airport, escorted by troopers from both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


She arrived in time to take a 7:00 p.m. US Airways shuttle to Washington, D.C. On the way, her motorcade passed exits to the Manchester, N.H. airport, which was 55 miles closer and offered a 5:16 p.m. flight to the same destination. More

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