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Hillary’s Women’s Empowerment Project Accepted $5 Million From Sexual Abuser

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Hillary’s Women’s Empowerment Project Accepted Million From Sexual Abuser

“I think the Clinton Foundation would accept anything from anybody and close their eyes where the money comes from.”

The Daily Caller reports that Hillary Clinton’s “No Ceilings” women’s empowerment project at the Clinton Foundation accepted a $5 million commitment last December from a Swiss billionaire whose lawyers at the time were struggling in federal court to conceal his long record of sexually abusing women.

Former employee Jacqueline Long had brought suit against Hansjorg Wyss, worth an estimated $6.1 billion and a generous donor to major liberal groups like the Center for American Progress, claiming that he brutally and sexually abused her for years.

Long said she had to have sex with him in return for his grants to non-profits that focused on at-risk youth and sex trafficking, causes to which she was passionately devoted. “He was not interested in these programs,” she said in an exclusive interview. “He was only doing it in reward for my having sex with him. It was a tool for leverage.”

Diane E. Bailey, another former Wyss employee, filed a federal suit against Wyss in 2000 charging that he created a hostile work environment for women at Synthes, then a U.S. subsidiary of a Swiss medical devices corporation. Wyss, who served as CEO, was known there for poor treatment of women.

One former employee said that there was only one woman on the entire executive floor, while all of the secretaries were women. “When I was there, what I do know is that he would brag about screwing all the secretaries,” said the former employee.

About his gift to the Clinton Foundation, the Daily Caller reports:

Long said she was “shocked and devastated” when she learned of the Wyss contribution to the No Ceilings program that Clinton reportedly views as her signature achievement for women at the Clinton Foundation.


Long sent the Clinton Foundation a letter and supporting documents last December to warn the former secretary of state and first lady about Wyss. The envelope, which had been opened, was returned to Long. Written in bold on the outside were the words, “Will Not Accept.”

A man who is also suing Wyss for reasons unrelated to sexual harassment said he believed the Clinton Foundation was taking “dirty money.” He told The Daily Caller:

His philanthropy is totally hypocritical. His motive for giving money is to cover up his bad behavior. I think the Clinton Foundation would accept anything from anybody and they close their eyes from where the money comes from. More

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