Hold On To Your Wallet & See What Bernie Would Take From You In Taxes… If He Were President

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But but, ‘free stuff!’…

Via IJR:

Prepare to see the size of your paycheck shrink in 2017 if Bernie Sanders is elected President of the United States.

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A new analysis of the Democratic presidential candidate’s tax plan found that the self-professed socialist would raise federal tax revenue by 34% and cut the after-tax incomes of the wealthiest households in the U.S. in half — all to fund his big-government proposals like universal healthcare and free college tuition.


The Tax Policy Center, which conducted the analysis, found that under a Sanders’ administration:


The total amount of federal taxes collected would increase by $15.3 trillion over the next decade;
The top 0.1% of earners would be taxed an average federal rate of 63.7% in 2017 – up from 34.2% in 2016; and
The middle 20% of American households would see their taxes go up $4,692 in 2017 – resulting in a net loss of 8.5% of their after-tax income. More

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