Hollywood Moonbat Cher Goes On Yet Another Incoherent Rant!

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Hollywood Moonbat Cher Goes On Yet Another Incoherent Rant Accusing GOP Of Cutting “Meager Funds 4 AMTRAK!!” After Crash…


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In Cher’s brain cell deprived head Amtrak’s “meager funds” equals $1.13 billion in available cash.

Via The Hill:

Singer Cher criticized Republicans on Wednesday for cutting Amtrak’s funding after one of its trains crashed the night before.


“Hrs ago, Republicans chose 2 cut Some of The meager Funds, 4 AMTRAK!!” Cher tweeted.


“They did this EVEN AFTER the Train Crash & loss of Life, last nite!!” she said.


Cher’s remarks followed Northeast Regional Train 188’s derailment in Philadelphia late Tuesday.


The House hit Amtrak with reductions Wednesday as part of a $55 billon funding bill for the departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.


The GOP-sponsored measure shrinks Amtrak’s available cash to $1.13 billion, down from roughly $1.4 billion Congress appropriated in 2015.

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