Horrifying… ISIS Has Incorporated Bombs Inside Dolls To Slaughter Innocent Children!

ISIS Has Incorporated Something Horrifying To Slaughter Innocent Children

It’s no secret that Daesh (ISIS) has reached into the depths of depravity to butcher innocent Christians and Yezidis, but their latest tactic aimed at the massacre of innocent children has surpassed even their most evil carnage.

The Daily Mail reports that Daesh is now targeting little kids with booby-trapped toys designed to detonate in the arms of loving children.

Dolls rigged with IEDs have been uncovered by security forces in Baghdad. At least 18 explosive dolls were found scattered on the road between Karbala and Arbaeen by Daesh militants. The bombs were discovered in a Shiite suburb in northeastern Baghdad, the Kuwait News Agency reports.

ISIS Has Incorporated Something Horrifying To Slaughter Innocent Children

At least 18 dolls were hollowed out, booby-trapped, and placed along the roadside.

The dolls bodies were hollowed out, carefully rigged with the IEDs, and dressed in doll clothes before jihadists placed them on the ground in hopes that unsuspecting children would gather them.

The Muslim militants were targeting the offspring of Shia Muslims who are set to make their annual pilgrimage to Arbaeen next month. Each year, millions of devout Muslims walk down the road where the dolls were scattered. The attempt most likely would’ve been successful had authorities not stumbled upon the bombs.

ISIS Has Incorporated Something Horrifying To Slaughter Innocent Children

The dolls were safely detonated before unsuspecting children could pick them up.

Of course, many Muslims will say that this is un-Islamic, saying that their prophet never approved of the killing of children. However, Muhammad’s own biography states otherwise.

In the Hadith, Muhammad had many uses for children. The Islamic prophet’s own favorite bride was only 6-years-old when he pressured her father in handing her over in marriage. She was only 9 when the 53-year-old Muhammad forced the child to have sex with him.

During the many ambushes of peaceful ally tribes, Muhammad saved the women and female children as sex slaves, taking only the most beautiful for himself. However, what might be even more disturbing is what he did with many of the male children.

The Banu Qurayza was a gentle, defenseless tribe of farmers and traders. Foolishly, they believed a peace treaty they held with Muhammad would protect them from the prophet’s looting, raiding, and conquest of other tribes surrounding Medina.

When ambushed, they surrendered to Muhammad without a fight, but had they known what the Islamic warlord was planning to do with them, they would’ve surely fought to the death.

At least 800 men and young boys were beheaded over a period of a few days, some by the prophet himself. A trench was dug, and the men and children were forced to kneel over the bodies of their previously beheaded tribesmen. Swords smote the necks of every last man and boy, with militants slaughtering them in hours-long sessions. More

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