Horror At German Migrant Centre: Father Is Arrested For Attempted Murder Of His Three Young Children

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A refugee father has been arrested for attempted murder in Germany after allegedly throwing his three children from a window at their emergency accommodation centre.

Police received an emergency call in Lohmar in the west of Germany on Monday from a man who said he saw the children falling one by one from the first-floor window of the asylum seekers centre.

When medics reached the scene they found two of the children with serious injuries and they were both helicoptered to a nearby hospital.

A third child, aged one, was returned to his mother after treatment for light injuries after being kept overnight in hospital for observation.

The severely injured – a five-year-old boy and his sister, seven, suffered severe head and internal trauma.

The father, a Syrian aged 35, was arrested at the scene.

A special police squad has been formed to probe the incident – one of a rising number of violent crimes among refugee families,

‘The man offered no resistance during his arrest,’ said Police spokesman Stefan Birk.

The accommodation centre was declared a crime scene and cordoned off and the 30 people living in the house – a former Chinese restaurant – moved elsewhere. More

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