HORROR IN MAINE! More Than 9,000 Welfare Leeches Dumped From Food Stamp Rolls

HORROR IN MAINE! More Than 9,000 Welfare Leeches Dumped From Food Stamp Rolls…

Food Stamps

I’m guessing the welfare leeches will be packing up soon and driving a couple hours south to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, where we give anyone who asks for it food stamps, EBT cards (with generous cash withdrawal allowance), MassHealth with its $2 co-pays, “free” housing (we pay to put people in hotels/motels indefinitely until section 8 housing is available), free utilities etc. and the state doesn’t even require you give them a social security number.


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — More than 9,000 Maine residents have been removed from the state’s food stamp program since Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s administration began enforcing work and volunteer requirements late last year, officials said.


The number of people that have been dropped from the program has exceeded even the administration’s expectations.


About 12,000 adults who aren’t disabled and don’t have children were in the program before Jan. 1. That number has dropped to 2,680 this month, David Sorensen, spokesman for the Department of Health and Services, told The Associated Press.


Advocates for the poor say there aren’t enough jobs and volunteer positions available to recipients, especially in rural areas, forcing them to lose their benefits and turn instead to their local food banks.


“Northern Washington County really has never come out of the recession, so there aren’t economic opportunities that there might be in other parts of the state,” said Barbara Chatterton, a case manager at the Down East Aids Network in Machias who says many of her current and former clients have been impacted by the change.


Since October, healthy adults without children have been required to work at least 20 hours a week, volunteer or participate in a work-training program to continue receiving benefits in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program after three months. It’s the result of the administration’s decision to no longer seek a waiver for the federal requirement, which it had used since 2008.

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