Hostile Protesters Heckle Bill Clinton (Video)

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It’s about time people stand up for themselves, their state and their employment.



Bill Clinton was repeatedly interrupted by protesters during a rally for Hillary Clinton in Logan, West Virginia Sunday before the state’s primary on May 10.

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The group booed the former president and confronted him about Hillary Clinton’s promise to destroy coal jobs, a long-standing staple of West Virginia’s economy.

During the rally, Clinton recounted that he had asked his wife to send him to “any place in America that feels left out and left behind.” The protesters then began shouting at the former president, to which he reacted with disdain.

“This is where they start screaming because they don’t want to hear this,” Clinton said with his hand raised. The crowd applauded and stood up to face the protesters, who continued booing and were ushered out.

“The difference between us and them is that we listen to them,” Clinton said.  More


“I wanted to come here and tell you that I care about what you’re going through. I get it and I think that we can do something about it, that’s the most important thing,” Clinton said at the event, where he was joined by Manchin and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a native of the coal town of about 1,800. More

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