How Dumb Can You Be? What MSNBC Just Suggested About Police Is Totally INSANE!


How Dumb Can You Be? What MSNBC Just Suggested About Police Is INSANE

There’s no debating that liberal arguments can be completely ridiculous at times, if not entirely insane. Just that was proven to be the case as MSNBC made an extremely ludicrous suggestion regarding police during a recent interview.

According to TheBlaze, Michael Eric Dyson was filling in for Ed Schultz on Tuesday night, when he was speaking with a panel – consisting of himself, Joy Reid, Zerlina Maxwell, and John Kelly – about the shooting death of a teen in Wisconsin. As a police officer was responsible for the killing of the boy and the prosecutor decided not to file charges, well, you can imagine that the four had a lot to talk about.


They quickly cut to the chase, calling the law “inherent” and saying that it held an “implicit bias” when it came to law enforcement.

Doing as they always do, the conversation quickly dissolved into speculation without fact before stating that instances such as those seen here don’t happen in England because police officers don’t carry firearms there. Without a second thought, Dyson quickly interjected himself into the conversations by saying, “Maybe we should take a line from the Bobbies there,” implying that we should disarm our law enforcement personnel in the U.S. More

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