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College Student Goes Nuts ➠ Showing How Liberals Act When They Are “Offended” ➠ Video

Capture goes nuts

Many, namely liberals, seem to think that somehow they should be protected from being offended in the United States of America. Apparently, they don’t realize the First Amendment also applies to the beliefs with which they do not agree. This seems to be a hard pill for them to swallow, and their resulting behavior often leaves a lot to be desired.


Such was the case when one “man,” who happened to be a college student at Arizona State University, came across an older gentleman holding a sign the other deemed “filthy.” The encounter that resulted was caught on camera, and the footage captured gives us all a startling look at how these leftists behave when Christian conservatives quietly voice their opinion.

The video was posted to LiveLeak, then shared to Reddit, where one user explains that the sign being held by the older gentleman reads, “Warning! Masturbators, thieves, liars, drunkards, fornicators, homosexuals, Judgment Day!”

According to the young man with the high-pitched shrieking voice, “Your sign is offensive!” Somehow, the college educated individual felt that warranted assault. However, another man wasn’t having it, and he quickly jumped to the defense of the sign holder. Unfortunately, as was seen, this escalated the immature liberal’s temper tantrum, as he continued to attempt combative behavior, while screaming like a banshee and drawing more attention than the sign ever would have More

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