How This Little 7 Yr Old Is Thanking ‘Superhero’ NYPD Officers



Good heart on this little one and wonderful mother to help him achieve his goal.

Via NY Post:

A Brooklyn boy has been hand delivering superhero-themed thank you’s to New York’s Finest every weekend since December.


Zachary Becerra, who dreams of becoming the city’s top cop when he grows up, was absolutely devastated when NYPD cops Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered last year – becoming very emotional at their memorial service.


“He said, ‘I can’t understand why someone would do that,’” his mom, Rosa Ortiz, told The Post.
“I had to explain to him – there’s good people and there’s bad people and sometimes things happen.”

The 7-year-old told his mom he wanted to do something special for the cops, but neither of them could think of anything.


A few days later, Ortiz said “a light bulb went off” when she saw a video shared on Facebook of an organization giving thank-you cards to the NYPD.


“I started with 50 cards. We went to our precinct at their Community Council Meeting and I thought that was going to be it,” the 43-year-old mom of two said. “But then he said, ‘Mommy, I want to go every precinct.’” More

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