Hundreds Of Thousands Criminal Illegal Aliens At Large In U.S.


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Via Breitbart:

Hundreds of thousands of convicted criminal immigrants remain at large in the U.S. and a number have gone on to commit additional crimes.

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According to a March 2, 2015 “ICE Weekly Departures and Detention Report” obtained by Center for Immigration Studies expert Jessica Vaughan and shared with Breitbart News, there were 168,680 convicted criminal immigrants who had final orders of removal but who remained at large in the U.S.


Another 179,018 convicted criminal immigrants with deportation cases pending also remained at large.


While the vast majority were not in custody some were detained — namely 6,220 criminal immigrants facing final deportation orders and another 7,680 convicted criminal immigrants with immigration cases pending.


In recent years there has been a focus on the number of annual criminal immigrant releases. More

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