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Idiot Bus Driver Caught Reading Newspaper While Driving ➠ Video

Idiot Bus Driver Caught Reading Newspaper While Driving ➠ Video

VIDEO: Bus Driver Caught Reading Newspaper While Driving

A bus driver is facing hot water after being caught on camera reading a newspaper while driving the bus.

The video, shot by passenger Jon Brooks, shows the driver casually flipping through the paper as he drives the bus in a New Zealand city.

When the bus driver pulled up to a set of traffic lights, he can bee seen moving his head to get a closer look at one of the pages.

The NZ Herald reported that the bus driver was being disciplined for his actions by his employer, Ritchies Coachlines. The company’s boss, Andrew Ritchie, called the driver a “complete idiot” and said that his actions were “negligent at best.”

“I am absolutely amazed by how absolutely stupid the guy is. Bloody irresponsible behavior to the first degree, I can’t believe it,” Ritchie told the NZ Herald. “The people on that bus put their trust in him. He wasn’t even trying to hide it, he was holding the whole newspaper open, over the steering wheel.”

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