If Dems Win House, Massive Number Of Investigations Will Be Launched (Report)

These are the very same people who told us that Hillary Clinton was going to win, that are now telling us how that the Democrats are going to take a House majority. Don’t buy into it.

This is why the blue wave is turning out to be red. Vote like your life, your children’s lives, and your grandchildren’s lives depend on it. Because it does!

Daily Wire:

A new report suggests that if the Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives in November, they will launch a massive number of investigations targeting the Trump Administration.

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As reported by Axios, a spreadsheet that was created in a senior House Republican office listed over 100 formal requests from House Democrats in this Congress, targeting virtually every committee. Axios listed some of the investigations likely to be set into motion. More

  • President Trump’s tax returns
  • Trump family businesses — and whether they comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump Organization
  • Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin
  • The payment to Stephanie Clifford — a.k.a. Stormy Daniels
  • James Comey’s firing
  • Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys
  • Trump’s proposed transgender ban for the military


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