Illegal Immigrants Go On Hunger Strike At Prison ➠ Here’s The List Of Demands



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The criminals have a list of demands that need to be met for the strike to end, which include:

  • The independent investigation into two recent deaths that had mysterious circumstances and problems of guards using excessive force.
  • The conditions of their detainment be improved, which would include both medical and mental health care.
  • They must have access to legal resources and court hearings if requested.
  • The exploitation of the detainees’ work be ended.
  • There should be no more criminalization , detention, and deportation.

Illegal Immigrants Go On Hunger Strike At Prison, Here’s The List Of Demands

The border has been a hot topic in this country, since floods of illegal immigrants have been pouring over the border. To make matters worse, these illegals are receiving benefits that hard-working Americans have paid for, and they continue to show a lack of respect for our culture or make any attempts to assimilate. Law enforcement has had their hands tied every step of the way, and when they are able to finally detain illegals, it only causes more issues.

A group of 200 illegal immigrants launched a hunger strike at Eloy Detention Center outside Phoenix Saturday morning. The men sat down in the recreation yard at 9:45 a.m. and declared the strike, the advocacy group Puente Movement said, taking action for what they called brutal and inhumane conditions. More

Illegal Immigrants Make Demands Over How They Are Treated

Eloy hunger strike protest

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