Iraqi Immigrant Accused Of Shooting Colorado Springs Cop Evaded Deportation Despite Series Of Crimes

Iraqi immigrant Karrar Al Khammasi accused of shooting a Colorado cop has a criminal history, yet somehow avoided deportation.

He’s accused of shooting Colorado Springs Officer Cem Duzel in the head leaving him in critical but stable condition.

I don’t care what kind of immigration status he has, he’s shot an American cop. After his long jail term, deport him. Permanently.

Colorado Spring Gazette:

A man accused of shooting a Colorado Springs police officer in the head in a shootout early Thursday while free on bond was known to immigration enforcement officials, yet evaded deportation despite a string of crimes, court records show.

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Why Karrar Al Khammasi wasn’t deported was among the questions left unanswered Friday as his bond was revoked. Cem Duzel, the officer he is accused of shooting, remained hospitalized in critical condition.

The 31-year-old Iraqi immigrant appears to have lived in the Pikes Peak region for at least five years, and he had at least nine contacts with police in that time, according to court records.

On the day he pleaded guilty in 2014 to felony trespassing, Al Khammasi was on an immigration hold, court records show.

Whether his guilty plea should have triggered deportation depends on a variety of factors. But his conviction raised the question as to why he was allowed to remain in the United States, said David Simmons, a Denver immigration attorney of more than 30 years and a former adjunct professor at the University of Denver.

Some forms of trespass are considered crimes of moral turpitude — which can lead to deportation — and others are not, Simmons said.

The consequences of such a conviction also could vary, depending on how long he had been in the country, or the nature of the circumstances that brought him here. Some Iraqis living in the U.S. came as refugees who assisted the government or who fled persecution. But those refugees sometimes evade deportation because of chaos in their home country, or threats to their lives upon their return.

It is unknown whether those things factored into Al Khammasi’s immigration here, and the type of visa Al Khammasi used to enter the United States wasn’t clear. More

The only ones unclear about why this illegal thug hasn’t been deported are stupid liberals that want to turn Colorado into a sanctuary state.

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