Security Guard Impounds Man’s Tommy Gun Tie Clasp At County Board Meeting

Security Guard Impounds Man’s Tommy Gun Tie Clasp At County Board Meeting

Zero tolerance huh? I have zero tolerance for this kind of stupidity. Tie clasps don’t kill people, sick people do. Is this a violation of his 1st Amendment rights?

The Daily Caller: In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in America, a security guard stopped a man attempting to attend a court board meeting in Tucson, Ariz. and forced him to remove a machine gun-shaped tie clasp from his necktie for the duration of the meeting.

The incident happened on Tuesday at the threshold of a meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, reports the Arizona Daily Independent.

The man with the dangerous tie clasp was Mark Spear, a semi-legendary local libertarian who calls himself “the “Man in Black.” He is locally famous as one of the organizers behind a successful 2015 ballot initiative to ban the use of speed cameras in Tucson.

The very small, metal, pewter tie clasp Spear chose to wear on Tuesday night is shaped like a 1921 Thompson submachine gun. It is a little over two inches long.

“If the tie clasp could hold bullets, they would have to be .0045 caliber,” Spear told Tucson talk radio host James T. Harris on Thursday.

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“Of course we have to go through the metal detector so I have to take out my keys, my change and metal sunglasses container and put it all into a little plastic bag,” Spear explained.

He also removed the tie clasp, “a thing you put on your tie to fasten to your shirt.” More

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