In Just 5 Words ➠ This Young Woman DESTROYS Obama For Blaming Terror Victims!


In Just 5 Words, Young Woman DESTROYS Obama For Blaming Terror Victims

As liberals and Islamosympathizers continue to chastise the victims of the Garland, Texas terrorist attack, the devout Islamists stand in awe of their stupidity, mouths agape at their ability to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes and still win the support of the left.

But, those of us unbelievers who have read the Quran and hadith are on a mission, enlightened of the momentarily invisible war to which most of those around us have yet to awaken. It’s as if we’ve arisen from our slumber only to be placed back in the Matrix, hoping that our revelation will likewise inspire others to the inconvenient reality.

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As I was interviewed by Tom Trento of The United West, he asked me if being one of the targets of a the Garland terrorist attack was enough to “scare me away” from speaking about Islam. It was at that moment that I had to admit, not only am I not scared, I have been emboldened to fight for even those who refuse to fight for themselves.

“We know that they’re scared. We’re fighting for them too. It’s okay, liberals, Democrats, Islamosympathizers, Mr. Obama — We’ll fight for you too.” (38:58)


That’s right. Even though the left is so bedazzled by the exotic idea of a foreign ideology that seeks to wipe out our hated democracy, we’re still fighting selflessly for their right to ignorance and idiocy. No, not selflessly — For our basic human rights, the rights of our children and future generations, and the survival of freedom. More

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