In Phone Call ➠ Netanyahu Tells Obama Iran Can Get Bomb Through Nuclear Deal!

Netanyahu: ‘Those Who Seek to Hurt Us, Beware’-media-1


Israeli Prime Minister and Barack Obama spoke briefly by phone today after the historic nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

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Netanyahu told Obama Iran will be able to get a nuclear bomb through the deal.
Netanyahu said the deal was a stunning historic mistake.

The Times of Israel reported:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama hold a phone call concerning the signing of today’s nuclear accord between Iran and the world powers.


During the call, Netanyahu expresses Israel’s deep worries relating to the deal, and two concerns in particular: that the deal enables Iran to produce a nuclear weapon after 10-15 years just by sticking to the terms of the deal, and that Iran can easily acquire atomic weapons by simply breaking the deal.


Netanyahu also says he is concerned that Tehran will now have the ability to pump billions of dollars into its terror machine, which threatens not only Israel, but also the entire world.



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