Indoctrination: Father Infuriated By What A Teacher Wrote On Child’s US Government Worksheet

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A Pennsylvania father and patriot keeps a close eye on his children’s school work. After what he recently saw on his sixth grade daughter’s US Government worksheet, he was infuriated, along with other parents in the small rural town of Mercersburg. However, it was only made worse when he turned to the Common Core textbook. What was found is a clear indicator our children are being indoctrinated, and it should have us all watching out for what our children are taught in the public school system.

If there’s one thing this dad knows, it’s how our US government is supposed to work. Speaking to Mad World News, under the condition on anonymity for the protection of his children, the frustrated father shared his daughter’s homework assignment from the Tuscarora School District. You can imagine his shock when he saw that his little girl had struggled with the worksheet, having multiple items marked wrong, but that shock was only increased when he read her answers. They were right, and it only got worse when he checked out her textbook.

What our educational system is teaching our children should worry us all. While the first two questions might not stop us in our tracks, seeing the answers that were marked incorrect definitely should.

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The first question read, “How is the United States a democracy?” This patriot was proud to see his daughter correctly answered, “The United States is not a democracy, it’s a Constitution(al) Republic.” However, to his dismay, it was marked wrong, in addition to the second question, which states the US Constitution makes sure government power is shared and his daughter stated it’s not shared, it’s divided according to branch.

This had him going to his daughter’s textbook to see what it said, and he didn’t like what he found. First, right inside the cover, was the “Common Core” stamp of approval.

Cover (left), Inside Cover (right)

When he turned to the chapter in question, it didn’t make him feel any better.

Excerpts from the chapter in question.

The text clearly stated, “The United States in (sic) an example of a representative democracy.” The irony that a Common Core approved text also contains an obvious typographical error is almost too much, but a topic for another day. Next, it also declares that the main purpose of the US Constitution is to make sure government power is “shared.” More

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