Inside The Alabama Prison Riots: Shocking Footage Captures Rampaging Masked Prisoners Armed With Swords

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A prison in southern Alabama is on lockdown hours after a riot broke out at the facility late Friday as local reports said inmates had set fires and overturned beds.

Alabama Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Horton said a warden and a corrections officer were stabbed in the uprising at one of the dormitories at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility, just outside of Atmore.

About 100 inmates were involved in the disturbance in which inmates took control of a prison dorm and started a fire in the hallway, Horton said.

Horton said three emergency response teams were deployed to bring the prison dorm under control. He said the facility is now calm and remains on lockdown.

The violence erupted when an inmate stabbed an officer after refusing to obey the officer’s instructions.

‘When the warden responded to the situation he was also stabbed. Inmates tried to take control of one of the dorms,’ Horton said.

Video that was apparently shot from inside the prison by an inmate with a contraband cell phone shows inmates starting a fire at the end of the dormitory and freely roaming around the dormitory.

Several inmates covered their faces with white towels in the video, which appeared to have been shot by an inmate.

‘It is going down,’ the inmate said on the expletive-filled video after talking about the stabbings of the warden and officer.

‘We are not taking any calls,’ said a woman who answered the phone at the prison. She then hung up.

Prisoners were using social media to report that ‘gates are rolled up’ and that they had overturned beds, according to More

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