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INTERVIEW ➠ Reporter Steve Dorsey Punched, Phone Stolen In Baltimore Riots

INTERVIEW: Reporter Steve Dorsey Punched, Phone Stolen in Baltimore Riots

A Washington D.C.-based reporter spoke to “Fox and Friends” this morning after being attacked and injured by protesters in Baltimore yesterday.

The attack occurred near a CVS store that was set ablaze and looted.

INTERVIEW ➠ Reporter Steve Dorsey Punched, Phone Stolen In Baltimore Riots

Journalist Steve Dorsey said he was on his phone working on a report when a man suddenly punched him in the face.

Dorsey said as he fell to the ground, others ran over and were about to join in and kick him while he was down.

But he said thankfully a few “well-intentioned” bystanders intervened and he was able to escape. His phone was stolen in the attack.

Dorsey then went to an emergency room for treatment. He said he tore a tendon in his left knee and will need surgery. Dorsey said it was a “busy night” at the hospital, witnessing injured police officers, protesters and bystanders. Despite his injured knee, Dorsey said he’ll be back on the streets reporting today. “I’m back on the streets this morning. I’m gonna get out there. I want to cover what is happening to this great city and hopefully find some meaningful information from it,” said Dorsey.

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