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Investigation Ordered After Calif. Sheriff Says He Is ‘Disturbed’ By What He Saw In Chase Video


Investigation Ordered After Calif. Sheriff Says He Is ‘Disturbed’ by What He Saw in Chase Video

A California Sheriff said Thursday that he had ordered an immediate investigation after aerial footage showed deputies repeatedly strike a suspect who appeared to have surrendered following a pursuit on horse.

Footage captured by KNBC-TV’s chopper shows the man fall of the horse before San Bernardino County deputies deploy their tasers on him.

The man, identified as 30-year-old Jared Pusok, then appeared to extend his arms signaling surrender when deputies started punching him in the head and striking him in other areas of his body.

Pusok was ultimately punched by a group of deputies 37 times, kicked 17 times and hit with batons four times as he laid still on the ground, KNBC reported.

“I can certainly understand the concerns in the community based on what they saw on the video,” San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon told KNBC.

I’m disturbed by what I see in the video.”

“I’m disturbed by what I see in the video. But I don’t need to jump to conclusions at this point, until we do a complete and thorough investigation,” he added. “If our deputy sheriff’s did something wrong, they’ll be put off work and they’ll be dealt with appropriately, all in accordance with the law as well as our department policy.” More

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