Iran Lashes 480 People Caught Eating During Ramadan



Via NCR:

At least 500 people have been arrested and the majority sentenced to flogging in Shiraz, southern Iran, for failing to observe a fast during daytime in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the regime’s deputy prosecutor general in the city has said.

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At least two sites in the city serving food to people during daytime were sealed down and two vehicles have been impounded by the para-military bassij force as part of the regime’s strict measures to prevent people from breaking their fast during the day, Ali Keshavarzi said.


He said that since Ramadan began on June 18, at least 500 people caught eating were arrested. Twenty were later released with warning and the remaining 480 had their sentence carried out within 24 hours. The majority were sentenced to flogging, he said, the state-run Tabnak News reported on Monday.


Another 2,699 individuals received verbal warnings and 261 others were given written notices by the Bassij, Keshavarzi said.


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