Iran: Nuke Deal Permits Cheating On Arms, Missiles

Javad Zarif / AP

Javad Zarif / AP


Given everything we’ve seen so far, not hard to believe that the Obama regime would give them that.

Via Free Beacon:

Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator in nuclear talks said that under the terms of the recently inked accord, the Islamic Republic is permitted to violate current embargoes on the shipment of arms and construction of missiles, according to recent comments made before Iran’s parliament.

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Zarif, who spoke to the country’s parliament about the terms of the nuclear deal, also bragged that the finalization of the accord “puts the Zionist Regime in an irrecoverable danger,” according to an independent translation of his Persian language remarks provided to the Washington Free Beacon.


Zarif insisted that “violating the arms and missiles embargo” placed on Iran by the United Nations “does not violate the nuclear agreement.”


U.S. officials and analysts have become increasingly concerned about portions of the deal that will unilaterally lift current restrictions on Iran’s importation and exportation of weapons, as well as its missile construction programs.


While these restrictions still apply, they would be completely lifted in five to eight years under the agreement. More

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