Iran: U.S. Must Pay Reparations To Us

Iran    U.S. Must Pay Reparations To Us

Right after you pay reparations for the U.S. soldiers you killed in Iraq, and the American hostages you have held.

Via Free Beacon:

Demands cash for death of up to 250,000 Iranians.

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An Iranian military leader is demanding that the United States pay Tehran reparations for the deaths of more than 250,000 Iranians at the hands of U.S. affiliates, according to regional reports.


Mohammad Reza Naqdi, a brigadier general in Iran’s volunteer Basij Force, said on Thursday that the Obama administration “should pay ransom” for its supposed role in killing Iranians during the 1979 Islamic Revolution that brought hardline extremists into power.


The demand for a ransom comes just a day after Iranians across the country took to the streets to rally against America and Israel. They burned U.S. flags and chanted, “Death to America.” More

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