Iranian FM Says He’s “All Smiles” After Leaving Negotiations With John Kerry

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad


Iranian FM Says He’s “All Smiles” After Leaving Negotiations With John Kerry…

John Kerry, not so much.

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Via Free Beacon:

Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, said late Wednesday that he is “all smiles” as talks with Western powers over the country’s nuclear weapons program run past a self-imposed deadline and Tehran pushes the United States to make more concessions.


When asked by a reporter whether he was feeling less optimistic following tension in the negotiating room, Zarif responded, “I am all smiles.”


Zarif also demanded that negotiators stop pressuring him and the Iranian side lest the talks stall without an agreement.


“Any agreement and pressure will not go together,” Zarif said. “They are mutually exclusive. So our friends need to decide whether they want to be with Iran based on respect or that they want to continue based on pressure. They have tested the other one. It’s high time to test this one.”


Secretary of State John Kerry will remain in town until Thursday morning in a bid to patch over remaining disagreements with Iran over what an initial political agreement will look like. More

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