Iranian Foreign Minister Welcomed As Hero Back Home In Tehran ➠ Video

VIDEO>>> Iranian Foreign Minister Welcomed as Hero Back Home in Tehran

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was welcomed as a hero as he returned to Tehran today.

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Iranian supporters swarmed his car has Zarif returned back home.


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NBC reported:

Iran’s top diplomat was given a hero’s welcome by a jubilant crowd Friday after reaching a framework nuclear deal that could ease crippling sanctions.


Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was cheered as he landed in Tehran on a flight from Switzerland, where the U.S., China and European powers announced a deal meant to block Iran from developing nuclear weapon.


In Tehran, residents took to the streets late Thursday, waving flags from cars to celebrate the outline agreement, which sets the stage for work on a final accord over the next three months.


“We are very happy, so happy. We haven’t make any big progress in 10 years, we are very happy that we can finally go forward,” a local resident named Musa said. “It’s a real victory for us.”


Another Tehran resident, Mina, added: “I’m so happy when seeing the cheerful crowds around me. We can finally step out of those pressures. You can see Iranians are friendly, and we have a long history. We are not against of any country in the world.”


Before taking off from Geneva, Zarif was pictured on his official plane being greeted and posing for photos with traveling reporters.

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