Iran’s Ayatollah Calls For Youth In America And Europe To Be Introduced To The “Islam Of Jihad”

Ayatollah-Ali-KhameneiIran’s Ayatollah Calls For Youth In America And Europe To Be Introduced To The “Islam Of Jihad”…


Via CNS News:

( – In a speech translated into English and posted on his official website, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told Iran’s “Assembly of Experts” last week that “our goal and main guideline should be to pursue Islam in its entirety.”


“What we understand from all Quranic teachings is that Islam commands Muslims to create a perfect and complete Islamic government,” said the Supreme Leader. “Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”


The ayatollah also said Iran should use what he called “Islamophobia” and the “targeting of Islam” to reach out to youth throughout the world and “provide them with real Islam.”


“We should make efforts. In the Islamic Republic, the great and important feat is that all of us–anyone at any level and with any capability in this regard–should make efforts to introduce original Islam, one that supports the oppressed and that opposes the oppressor,” said the ayatollah. “The youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries become excited about this kind of Islam.”


Two paragraphs later, in explaining the “kind of Islam” he was talking about introducing to people, the ayatollah said: “We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers.”


Khamenei delivered this speech on March 12. It is currently the top item posted on the homepage of his English-language website. (It can be read in its entirety here.)


The ayatollah told the assembly that the promotion of Islamaphobia by Iran’s enemies had provided an opportunity to spread Iran’s vision to the West. More

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