IRS Confirms Illegals Can Get Back-Taxes Under Obama’s Amnesty Plan

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IRS Confirms Illegals Can Get Back-Taxes Under Obama’s Amnesty Plan

In February IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told lawmakers that illegal immigrants were eligible to receive tax credits under Barack Obama’s controversial amnesty plan.

This week Koskinen confirmed that illegal aliens will receive tax credits under Obama’s amnesty plan.

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The Washington Times reported:

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has confirmed to Congress that illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Obama’s new programs could claim back-refunds even when they never filed returns to pay their taxes in the first place.


Sen. Charles E. Grassley, who had pressed Mr. Koskinen over the issue, released written responses Wednesday in which the commissioner admitted he’d botched the question earlier and in fact illegal immigrants granted the amnesty will now be able to claim refunds on tax returns they never even filed, thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit.


“To clarify my earlier comments on EITC, not only can an individual amend a prior year return to claim EITC, but an individual who did not file a prior year return may file a return and claim EITC (subject to refund limitations under section 6511 of the Internal Revenue Code),” Mr. Koskinen said.


He insisted, however, that he doubts many illegal immigrants will take advantage of the loophole because they would have to be able to prove their earnings for those years they never filed returns.

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